What Can Happen When We Start Learning About and Using Emotional Intelligence?

Sometimes when we start using new ways of thinking, feeling, responding, and being, those around us have a reaction to that. We might expect these reactions to be completely pleasant, since we are working on improvements, but frequently, these reactions can be challenging.

Have you ever made a conscious decision to work on yourself to have more integrity or be more honest with yourself and others or handle conflicts in healthier ways only to discover that these new endeavors on your part get angry, resentful, or pained responses from those around you?

This presents a challenge. One person had her mother angrily say resentfully, “she likes to make things better”. Another person had someone at work say, “Are you trying to start a problem?” Another person had a former friend say “you shouldn’t use your knowledge of conflict resolution and emotional intelligence because everyone else in your family doesn’t know that stuff, and it’s not fair!”

What is a person who wishes to be the best they can be supposed to do in the face of such threatened resistance?

These present conflicts within conflicts and require thoughtful and delicate handling. What would you do? What kinds of things have you tried? How did they work out?

Let us know, and I’ll share my thoughts on what can work well in another future post!




About Denise A Romano

Denise A Romano is the author of The HR Toolkit: An Indispensable Resource for Being a Credible Activist, published by McGraw Hill in 2010. She is a workplace expert and has a strong interest in government, business, workplace, and personal ethics. She can be found on LinkedIn. View all posts by Denise A Romano

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