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With more than 100 templates, memos, and checklists, there’s nothing this toolkit can’t fix! HR professionals know that addressing issues before they escalate can make the difference in saving the company time and money. The HR Toolkit is the must have handbook if you’re looking to skillfully identify, diplomatically address, and strategically resolve any issue that confronts your organization.

Resolve any HR issue in a snap!

The HR Toolkit provides what you need to resolve every imaginable challenge— saving your company time and money.

With a handy indexed listing of the most common workplace conflicts and solutions, The HR Toolkit offers simple, actionable techniques you can start using right away. In no time, you’ll be an expert on every issue and situation you face, including:

Conflict resolution
Performance management
Job design
Employee selection
Workplace culture
Codes of ethics
Medical leave
Fair labor standards
Workplace Violence and Bullying
Competitive Corporate Governance (TM)

The HR Toolkit packs everything you need into one handy volume to help you increase both productivity and your company’s bottom line by solving problems with diplomacy and skill.

Including a handy indexed listing of the most common workplace conflicts and solutions for ease-of-reference, expert author Denise A. Romano, MA, EdM provides practical and actionable ways to empower and educate HR professionals and management.

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Biographical note
Denise A. Romano has an MA in Organizational Psychology and an EdM in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, as well as an MFA in Writing from Naropa University. She has more than 14 years of experience working in the Human Resources and Organizational Development (HR/OD) field in government, nonprofit, and for-profit companies, including 6 additional years of whistleblower activity. She has built two different HR/OD departments from the ground up.


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