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“Denise is a wonderful person and a kind, caring coach. She is a person of high ethics and integrity who skillfully combines her compassionate nature with insightful analysis and problem resolution. I recommend Denise as a highly qualified holistic and integrative HR and coaching professional.”
Sally Scime , Owner , Mindful Hands

“Denise’s advice is always excellent. Her guidance helped me move from administrative positions into my true field of media production. It’s made an enormous difference in my emotional and financial well-being.”
Andrew Dunn , Graphic Designer

“Denise is a thorough professional, whose experiences keep allowing her to grow, and help others, allowing others to grow. She’s always the person that you can count on for information, help, and to guide you.”
Kristie Hubler , Owner , Fabricated Frames

“If you are seeking help in identifying your goals in life; Denise can help you clarify your goals and encourage you to take the steps necessary to go after the things you want to accomplish in both your personal and professional life.”
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative
David Burke hired Denise as a Career Coach

“Denise is not only a very-well informed and connected Human Resource Professional; she is an extraordinary human being. She is genuinely concerned about people and their well being; she helps when other people would turn their backs; she knows and cares what’s happening all over the city as it pertains to her position and she is one of New York’s true gems.”
Ken Frank , Business Developer , CIS

“Denise and I had the opportunity to work together in numerous coaching situations, and in every case she handled herself as a true professional. Denise is not only knowledgeable and intelligent, she has a knack for getting to the real issue with her clients very quickly.”
Martie Adler , Owner , Integrity Partnerships

“Denise is a passionate, driven hard working individual that will meet or exceed your expectations. If you are looking to reach your desired goals Ms. Romano is a sure bet!”
Jolene A. Savage , Founder , Social Graces School of Etiquette

“Denise has always been looking for the most qualified candidates to work at her organization. I provided her with the best resumes from our graduates and students when postions in their field of study where available. She has always been very clear in what the demands of the job entails. She not only posted positions in the website, but also proactively contacted us and probably other institutions to get the best of all. Denise will be an asset to any institution that has the fortune to come across her path.”
Elsa Vlahos , Career Advisor , Katharine Gibbs School

“Denise is one of the most dedicated people I’ve met. She hired an intern from the college where I teach. She created an environment in which the intern felt welcome and productive. Denise knows how to get the best work from people.”
Gayle Delong , Associate Professor , Baruch College

“Denise is a wonderful teacher! I reported directly to her as an intern and learned so much. I now work in HR and am so thankful to Denise for helping me grow in the field. She has so much knowledge and always knows where to find information if she doesn’t have the answer right away. Thanks Denise!”
Kirsten Carroll , Student , Manhattan College

“When I first met Denise I thought of how kind and friendly she was to me. It’s not normal to meet someone who takes time and interest in your dreams after meeting you for the first ten minutes. After learning about my endeavors of pursuing a legal career she automatically opened up her desire to help me. One of the best traits that anyone can have is kindness. Denise Romano is kind, caring and one of the sweetest people anyone could ever have by their side. Thank you Ms. Romano for everthing.”
Mr. Oneil Madden , Student , New Jersey City University

“Denise is a very professional person to work with. She is well-oriented and organized. She is always prepared and able to handle tough tasks on short notice. She is a great manager to deal with and she knows how to delegate and work her staff. She is a great asset to any company.”
Mary Faltess , IPA2 , NYSIF

“I’ve been doing business with Denise for many years. I am quite confident in vouching for her as a great individual as well as a concerned and active citizen in her community.”
Ana DelJesus , Internship Coordinator , Katharine Gibbs School

“Denise is a very caring and loyal person. She is extremely smart and very well versed at anything she does. Professionally, Denise has unprecendented communicational skills and I have never seen a higher qualified HR Director.”
Vicki Beltz , Designer , New Canaan Marble & Tile

“Denise is an excellent manager because she has superb communication and organizational skills. She is knowledgeable and would be an excellent addition to any team that is looking to expand, grow or make innovative changes.”
Mr. D. Burke , Administrator , Columbia University Medical Center

“Denise is polished, detail-oriented and is able to supervise herself and others with a professionalism and kindness that is rare in business today. She can complete whatever tasks are presented to her, but is not afraid to get input whenever necessary. It was a pleasure working with her, and I hope to have the opportunity some time again in the future.”
Connie Halporn , Photo Lab Supervisor , Columbia University Medical Center

“Denise has always been bright, diligent and a leader.”
Larry Silverman , Was a Student with Denise at the State University of New York College at Geneseo

“Denise was an excellent student and left the CTA program with an excellent grasp of coaching concepts and well-honed skills. She demonstrated excellent listening skills and used her intuition wisely. I can highly recommend Denise as a coach.”
David R Meyer – Denver DiSC Specialist , Mentor Coach , Coach Training Alliance
taught Denise at Coach Training Alliance

“Denise is a diligent and inquisitive student who was delightful to work with during her certification process for EQi and EQ360 Assessment.”
Dr. Tim Turner , Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Consultant , Multi-Health Systems Inc
taught Denise at MHS

“Denise is certified in the EQi process and is very knowledgeable about emotional intelligence. She fully participated and was engaged during the entire EQi certification. I enjoyed being a student with her, and her teamwork and professionalism were apparent through the entire process.”
Catherine Berry , doctoral student


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